Bring these questions up at your next gathering.  Maybe they are not classical philosophy, but I couldn’t think of a better name for this selection of questions for your evolutionist friends.

How does the evolutionist know that there is no God?

What is wrong with a creationist saying, “By faith, I believe that God created the universe” when an evolutionist says “By faith, I believe that the universe created itself”?

How is it ‘scientific’ to say that science only deals with things that don’t involve God?  What if there actually IS a God – wouldn’t it be good science to investigate Him?  Scientists are always looking for things that might exist but have not yet been proven.  Why isn’t God on that list?

Wouldn’t creatures produced from chance have random thoughts?

How can ‘chance’ create anything anyway?

Chance is only a term we use to explain extremely complex mathematics.

Why does man seem to have a need for religion?

Why haven’t monkeys produced at least some of the paintings that we find from almost every primitive human culture?

Why is there order everywhere as opposed to chaos?