Why aren’t the continents eroded?

At the current rate, the continents should have eroded much more than they have.  The White Cliffs of Dover, for instance, are falling into the ocean at the alarming rate of 1 meter every six years and should have disappeared long ago.

How did fossils form?

Any sea creature dying and falling to the bottom of a body of water would either decay or be eaten before being slowly covered with silt. Many land animals have been found fossilized. They could not have all been buried underwater.  The formation of fossils requires a catastrophic event to quickly bury these animals, not the slow uniform processes the evolutionist needs.

Where did so much sedimentary rock come from?

A vast majority of the rock that we find was laid down by water.

Why are stalactites used to prove old age in caves when they formed years ago under the Lincoln Memorial?

After just 45 years, these stalactites were almost 5 feet in length. The rate of stalactite formation, therefore, depends on more than time.

How was coal formed?

There is nowhere in the world that coal (or oil) is being formed today.

What about the inexplicable lack of early fossils that should be plentiful if earth had a slow modification through natural selection?

Scientists can solve this problem, so they simply identified it as the Cambrian Explosion and move on.

How does one explain bent strata?

The strata had to be bent while it was soft.

Why does one commonly find ancient rocks on top of new rocks?

How do you explain canyons?

It seems natural that the canyon should run the entire length of the river, but there are many places where a river, flowing slightly downhill the entire way, has cut a canyon thousands of feet thick in some places but left some portions of the riverbed level with surrounding land.

Why are there so many large ‘gaps’ in the sedimentary strata?

There are so many missing eons, that the term “Great Unconformity” was coined not to explain why uniformitasm (the gradual deposit of sediment over millions of years) resulted in large gaps in the timeline so much as to just label it.