About QuestionEvolution.com

This website was originally compiled as a worksheet for a class on the evolution/creation debate. It is not intended to make a case for biblical creation, as there are many excellent books that do that. Rather it was created to show that the theory that is presented as scientific (evolution) is really not nearly as well supported by scientific fact and discoveries as the average evolutionist believes. A careful and objective study of the universe points one more in the direction of special creation than natural evolution.

The questions found on this site remain unanswered by the evolutionist – or are only answered with conjecture that plays loose with the time + chance foundation of their theories. But these are questions that are not raised if someone begins with the creation model. This list includes questions from different categories relating to past and present observations about the universe. While some are routinely dismissed, most are a significant stumbling block for the evolution model – taken as a group they point to the general failure of most of the accepted “scientific” theories to explain the data all around us.

As presented on this website, the two models for the origin of life and the universe were defined as follows:

The Evolution Model – Assuming no god and therefore no divine intervention or direction of any kind. A model which relies on uniformitism, natural selection, time and chance.

The Creation Model – This model, although not relying on the Bible for proof, does rely on the scenario as described therein, especially the order of the work performed in the six 24-hour days and the global, catastrophic flood.

All other models and theories are some mixture of these two, and were not considered on this website.

The questions are grouped into categories for convenience and reference only.